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Performing both acceptance and maintenance testing on your electrical system is crucial in making sure that your system is running at peak performance. As a NETA certified company that specializes in these procedures, when you work with Power Products & Solutions, you're guaranteed to have an electrical system that won't let you down.


Coordination & ARC Flash Studies

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Electrical Grounding & Bonding Testing

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Infrared Scanning

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Protective Relay Testing

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Transformer Testing & Fluid Analysis

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Acceptance & Maintenance Testing

Power Products & Solutions is a third-party, independent, NETA certified testing company that specializes in acceptance testing and preventative maintenance of electrical systems. Performing both acceptance testing and preventative maintenance on your electrical system is crucial in making sure that your electrical system is running at peak performance.

Acceptance testing is the process of testing electrical systems to:

• Ensure proper installation and operation according to specifications of both the manufacturer and the project

• Ensure optimal and correct operation of electrical equipment

• Minimize the potential for problems that may arise during initial start-up

Electrical Acceptance Testing

Equipment that is typically tested during the acceptance testing phase of the project includes the medium- and low-voltage transformers, automatic transfer switches, grounding grid, molded case and air breakers, medium- and low-voltage cables, and more. The proper installation of these components plays a critical role in the performance of an electrical system; improper installation or an equipment design flaw can cause major problems with production output, or even an electrical fire.

Performing acceptance testing also provides important data that can be used as a benchmark for future tests executed on that same system. This data can be used for trending to determine if the equipment has developed any signs of deterioration since the last test.

Electrical Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance that we perform on electrical systems is similar to acceptance testing. During preventative maintenance, we clean the equipment, perform a visual inspection, and conduct electrical testing to confirm proper functioning.

If your electrical system is new or has already been placed into service, let us provide you with the assurance that it is operating at peak performance and per manufacturer specifications. Contact us today for more information - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Battery Testing

Proper battery maintenance not only prevents unexpected failures but can also extend battery service life to reduce the frequency or increase the interval between replacements required. Our battery maintenance services validate the condition of the battery and include resistance testing on battery strings and individual cells, recording of float voltage measurements and gravity readings, and adjustment to connections and fluid levels as needed.

• Visual and Mechanical Inspection

• Low resistance testing

• Charger float and equalizing voltage testing

• Battery String testing

• UPS load bank testing

Cable Testing

The objective of any diagnostic test is to identify problems that may exist with a cable, in a non-destructive way, so that preventative measures can be taken to avoid potential failure of that cable when in service.

Some of the cable testing service PPS offers include:

• DC Insulation Resistance

• Very low frequency (VLF)

• Power factor / dissipation factor (tan delta)

• Partial discharge

If you believe your operation would benefit from cable testing, get in touch with the Power Products & Solutions team today, and we’ll come to your site to perform the testing quickly and efficiently.

Circuit Breaker Testing

The objective of any diagnostic test is to identify problems that may exist with a cable, in a non-destructive way, so that preventative measures can be taken to avoid potential failure of that cable when in service.

Some of the cable testing service PPS offers include:

• DC Insulation Resistance

• Very low frequency (VLF)

• Power factor / dissipation factor (tan delta)

• Partial discharge

If you believe your operation would benefit from cable testing, get in touch with the Power Products & Solutions team today, and we’ll come to your site to perform the testing quickly and efficiently.

Coordination & ARC Flash Studies

A power system study is an extremely important document for any power system. An arc flash analysis is performed to identify the specific arc flash hazard at a given piece of equipment within your facility.

The result of the arc flash study will categorize the hazard at specific equipment based on the incident energy. The purpose of a coordination study is to determine the proper settings for overcurrent protective devices in the power system.

Ready for a Flash Study to be conducted on your site? Get in touch with our team today to make it happen.

Electrical Grounding & Bonding Testing

The proper installation of bonding and grounding devices is important in the protection of personnel and equipment. our team has the expertise needed to effectively test and inspect your electrical grounding system utilizing NETA and IEEE standards.

Infrared Scanning

Thermography is the use of an infrared imaging and measurement camera to "see" and "measure" thermal energy emitted from an object. Thermal or infrared energy is light that is not visible because its wavelength is too long to be detected by the human eye; it's the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we perceive as heat. Infrared thermography cameras produce images of invisible inrared or heat radiation and provide precise non-contact temperature measurement capabilities. Nearly everything gets hot before it fails, making infrared cameras an extremely cost-effective and valuable diagnostic tool in many diverse applications.

Infrared Scanning: Good Preventative Maintenance

A good preventative maintenance program includes a yearly infrared scan of your electrical system. When you partner with Power Products & Solutions, you can be assured that the infrared inspection is performed in a safe manner by a qualified NETA certified technician who has the experience and training to identify problems and in most cases, repair the problems before leaving the job site. We conduct the scan with our FLIR professional infrared thermography camera and provide you with a detailed report of any problems found, with recommended actions that need to be taken.

Benefits of Performing Annual Infrared Scanning on your Electrical Components

Reduces Costs: Electrical components that fail due to heat can cause other damage to panels and wiring. By performing an infrared scan on your electrical system, we can identify and fix these problems before they worsen and become more costly.

Minimizes Power Quality Problems: Our advanced diagnostic procedures identify virtually all power quality concerns before they become expensive problems.

Reduces Downtime: Including infrared scanning in your preventative maintenance program will reduce your risk of downtime for your equipment and power systems. In every industry, downtime equates to profit loss.

Extends Life of Equipment: Infrared scanning can identify deterioration in your power system and improve its life expectancy.

Don't let your electrical systems fail before catching a problem - contact Power Products & Solutions today to get started with Infrared Scanning.

Protective Relay Testing

Our protective relay testing expertise includes:

• Visual and mechanical inspection

• Verification, adjustment, and installation of protective settings

• Additional electrical testing

• Protection element testing

• System functional tests

Switchgear, Switchboard, & Panel Board Testing

The team at Power Products & Solutions offers an array of testing services for your Switchgears, Switchboards, and Panelboards. Some of these services include:

Visual/Mechanical Inspections:

• General visual and mechanical inspections

• Moisture and corona inspections

• Wiring and bolted connection checks

• General wiring checks

• Moving parts and interlocks

• Insulators and barrier checks

Electrical Tests

• Bolted connection electrical tests

• Insulation electrical tests

• Dielectric withstand tests

• Instrument transformers

• Circuit breakers and switches

• Control power transfer scheme

• Metering electrical tests

Transformer Testing & Fluid Analysis

As experts in transformer testing and fluid analysis, we are able to offer a variety of solutions to you:

• Insulation power-factor testing

• Dissipation-factor testing

• Turns-radio testing

• Excitation-current testing

• Surge arresters testing

• Transformer oil and insulating oil analysis and testing


With electrical systems and process equipment becoming more commonly integrated and difficult to start-up, the construction industry has adopted the practice of “Total Building Commissioning,” a systematic process of verifying, documenting and placing into service newly-installed, or retrofitted electrical power equipment and systems.

Commissioning is critical for all new or retrofit installation projects to verify the integrity of integrated and stand-along systems to assure they operate per design, thus contributing to the safe and reliable operation of the system.

If you need to verify the integrity of your integrated or stand-alone system, Power Products & Solutions is here to help. Learn More about Neta Acceptance Services.


Every circuit breaker, transfer switch, panel board, and other piece of your vital electrical operations will, at some point, need to be repaired, retrofitted, or re-manufactured. The question is, how long will it take to get it done, and get it done right? Most importantly, how much will that downtime cost you?

Let us retrofit your power circuit breakers with AC-PRO solid-state trip devices. AC-PRO solid-state trip unit is a true RMS sensing overcurrent device that will reduce both nuisance trips and the downtime required for maintenance on your equipment.

Power Products & solutions can upgrade your low-voltage power circuit breakers and insulated case circuit breakers with the latest solid-state trip technology based on your specific needs. We also offer reconditioning and re-manufacturing of medium-voltage air and vacuum circuit breakers, motor controls, and contactors.

When you need repairs done quickly and efficiently, you need experts with over 30 years of experience in your corner. Our team is here to reduce your downtime and give you peace of mind that your systems are in the right hands. Learn More about Circuit Breaker Testing & Repair.


MV (medium voltage) cable termination and testing is one of the top services that Power Products & Solutions offers; our team of skilled technicians has performed thousands, with peak expertise in this area.

Many customers tell us that one of their top concerns is the longevity of the medium voltage cables feeding into their facilities. This concern has prompted many plant and facility maintenance managers to include visual and mechanical inspections, and non-destructive testing of their MV cables on a more consistent basis. Our Tan Delta cable test set is designed to meet their IEEE medium voltage cable testing specifications and requirements.

We have performed Tan Delta testing for our customers with vintage MV cables and the results have been quite impressive. Using this method, we are able to:

  • Find problems in cable terminations and splices
  • Easily gather and record test data
  • Use data to determine if cables have deteriorated since previous testing
  • Determine the life expectancy of conductors
  • Locate any problems before they wreak havoc on an electrical system

We are also proud of our numerous certifications including:

  • 3M MV cable splicing and termination certification
  • Raycham MV cable splicing and termination certified
  • Richards MV cable splicing and termination certified
  • NCSCB MV cable splicer certified

Contact us today to discuss our Tan Delta testing or any of our other MV cable testing services!



Unexpected downtime due to loss of electrical power is not only expensive, but dangerous as well - it's the last thing you want to deal with. Power Products & Solutions will help make sure your facility is up and running quickly when you encounter an emergency. We'll also take the time to make sure your systems are running optimally to avoid further problems down the road.

Whatever type of equipment you have, we are here 24/7/365 to keep your operation running smoothly. Not in the South East region? No worries. We will travel across the country to help you get back on track as fast as possible.

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