Routine grounding and bonding testing ensure your electrical system functions correctly. Grounding protects workers from electric currents, while bonding joins metallic pieces to the grounding connector. Grounding and bonding are similar and often work together, though they are not the same thing.

Power Products & Solutions sends electricians to you to complete electrical ground and bonding testing. These services help you avoid downtime and keep your workers safe, and these tests come in various forms depending on your needs.

Electrical Ground and Bonding Test Procedures

Electrical bonding and grounding tests vary based on what you request services for. Several procedures are available for electrical testing, including:

Soil Resistivity Test

This test occurs at the beginning of the electrical installation process. When a technician conducts a soil resistivity test, they look at how much conductivity the earth has at the electrical system location. Soil should have good conductivity for grounding purposes.

Stakeless Test

Technicians conduct stakeless tests with clamps instead of electrodes and probes. This test is completed quickly and safely compared to methods where you need to disconnect the ground. However, this test is not suitable for all electrical systems.

Fall-Of-Potential Test

A fall-of-potential test conforms to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) codes. In this method, the technician connects one probe to the electrode they want to test, and the other two go in the ground. Then, they take the readings and analyze them to determine the ground resistance.

Testing Helps Prevent Failures

Much like any other system component, grounding and bonding can result in massive system failures or personnel injury if electricians don't perform them correctly. A ground fault occurs when the electricity traveling through the system takes an unintended route to the ground. If a person is touching a cable when there is a ground fault, they may get shocked or experience injury or even death.

Ground faults can cause fires or equipment errors and failures. Bonding also plays a role in whether a person could be shocked if they touched something grounded incorrectly. A ground fault can cause consequences that can harm your business, but more importantly, it can harm your personnel. Conducting grounding tests can help you discover issues before they reach a breaking point.

Request Electrical Grounding Tests

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