Power Products & Solutions is a third-party, independent, NETA certified testing company that specializes in switchgear, switchboard and panel board testing.

Switchgear, switchboards and panel boards play a prominent role in the efficient function of an electrical system. Regular testing is essential for ensuring these components are in good working order and compliant with all applicable safety standards. 

Switchgear Testing and Service

Switchgear is a broad term used to describe the various switching devices that control, protect and isolate power systems. Specifically, switchgear can accommodate higher voltages up to 350 kV. Depending on the electrical system's layout and design, switchgear can encompass components such as switches, fuses, circuit breakers, lightning arrestors, relays and isolators.

Electrical Switchboard Testing and Service

A switchboard works in tandem with switchgear to optimize the protection and coordination of the electrical system. It consists of panels or frames designed to hold devices like switches and indicators. It also contains control and monitoring devices and busbars to distribute the incoming power supply. Most switchboards accommodate lower voltages under 600V. 

A comprehensive switchboard and switchgear maintenance and testing process consists of the following steps:

  • Conducting an infrared inspection to identify issues before they cause a partial or complete power outage
  • Exercising the circuit breakers to keep contacts clean and allow operating mechanisms to move freely
  • Ensuring compliance with NETA, NFPA 70E and other regulatory requirements
  • Conducting a short-circuit analysis and time current correlation study to minimize the risk of catastrophic damage to the equipment and surrounding area
  • Performing routine maintenance processes like lubricating, cleaning, inspecting and tightening the various components
  • Tracking maintenance testing data to project the equipment's life expectancy and anticipate future service requirements
  • Upgrading absolute circuit breakers and other outdated parts and components
  • Reconditioning parts on-site or in a fully equipped repair shop as needed

Panel Board Testing and Service

Panel boards are standard equipment in substations and many other industrial applications. They typically contain the secondary devices found in electrical systems, including control switches, measurement elements and signaling and secondary protection devices. Panel board testing can occur during manufacturing, commissioning and preventative maintenance. It covers wiring, protective scheme testing, dielectric resistance, polarity continuity and other crucial areas. 

The various panel board testing and service objectives include ensuring the effectiveness of all secondary protections to uncover reliability deficiencies before they lead to malfunctions. Testing can also verify that all wiring and signals are functioning properly.

About Our Switchgear, Switchboard and Panel Board Offerings

Our decades of experience in assuring peak electrical performance enables us to deliver expert service in the following areas.

Visual and Mechanical Inspections:

  • General visual and mechanical inspections
  • Moisture and corona inspections
  • Wiring and bolted connection checks
  • General wiring checks
  • Moving parts and interlocks
  • Insulators and barrier checks

Electrical Tests

  • Bolted connection electrical tests
  • Insulation electrical tests
  • Dielectric withstand tests
  • Instrument transformers
  • Circuit breakers and switches
  • Control power transfer scheme
  • Metering electrical tests

Switchboard, Switchgear, and Panel Board Testing With Power Products & Solutions

Power Products & Solutions is a third-party, independent, NETA certified testing company that specializes in switchgear, switchboard and panel board testing. For more than 30 years, we've been assuring electrical performance for companies throughout the Southeast and across the United States.

Our NETA-accredited technicians have the skills, training and experience to complete these tasks right the first time. We supply our techs with high-quality calibrated and certified equipment that delivers the most reliable testing results. We're available 24/7/365 service to handle after-hours emergencies. 

You can also count on Power Products & Solutions to deliver top-notch service. We can meet your tight time frames to minimize disruptions to your operating processes. And with our exemplary safety record, you can choose us for your testing needs with complete confidence.

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