Regularly testing your circuit breakers is an important part of keeping any operation running smoothly. A properly functioning circuit breaker performs three essential tasks – effectively conducting a current when closed, insulating contacts from each other when open and disconnecting the fault current as quickly as possible in the event of a malfunction. Without a fully functional breaker, you risk losing power or suffering extensive damage.

Because circuit breakers play such a vital role in safely maintaining power, it's important to monitor your equipment to make sure it operates at full capacity. Power Products & Solutions is a top provider of circuit breaker testing and services in Charlotte, Greenville, and throughout Western North Carolina. Our NETA-certified testing team offers competitive rates and dependable services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Circuit Breaker Services

Power Products & Solutions PEARL (Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League) certified shop specializes in repairing, refurbishing and retrofitting breakers and switchgear. Our services include:

Injection Testing

To ensure that your low-voltage breakers will appropriately respond to overload and fault current conditions, it's essential to conduct periodic current testing. When a component is malfunctioning, it's time for a repair or replacement. Power Products & Solutions offers both primary and secondary injection testing:

  • Primary: We test every static trip device-equipped circuit breaker to ensure your electrical distribution system is properly protected.

  • Secondary: Using specifically designed test sets and power supply units, we test your solid-state trip unit without using a primary current.

Acceptance & Maintenance Testing

Power Products & Solutions offers both acceptance and maintenance testing to make sure your electrical system operates at top performance:

  • Acceptance testing: Verify that your electrical equipment was properly installed and is operating at full capacity, including medium and low-voltage transformers and cables, automatic transfer switches, molded case and air breakers, grounding grid and other devices.

  • Preventative maintenance: We clean, conduct a visual inspection and perform electrical testing on all of your equipment to ensure optimal performance.

Other Electrical Tests

Our certified technicians service electrical equipment from any OEM:

  • Molded and insulated-case circuit breakers: We run tests to verify the functionality of your molded and insulated-case circuit breakers. Based on your system, our specialists apply the appropriate DC voltage to test resistance within your breaker's insulation.

  • Medium-voltage circuit breakers and load break switches: Routine inspection and maintenance of medium-voltage circuit breakers and load break switches ensures your electrical systems function properly. We measure your breaker's contact resistance, compare it to the OEM's specifications and provide a solution if there is a problem.

  • Motor starters and contactors: We test your contactor or motor starter for contact quality and replace any malfunctioning components.

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