Power Products & Solutions is a third-party, independent, NETA certified testing company that specializes in transformer testing and fluid analysis.

Although a transformer has no moving parts, it still requires service to ensure it maintains its ability to step up and step down voltage. Power Products & Solutions is a third-party, independent, NETA-certified testing company that specializes in transformer testing and fluid analysis. We have more than 30 years of experience assuring electrical performance for businesses like yours. We offer a one-stop service for everything from diagnosis and consultation to testing, repairs and maintenance.

Our Transformer Testing and Fluid Analysis Services

As experts in transformer testing and fluid analysis, we are able to offer a variety of solutions.

Insulation Power-Factor Testing

This maintenance test measures the power angle between the resultant current and applied AC voltage to determine the dielectric power loss in the insulation system. It typically occurs during the acceptance testing phase to establish a baseline reading for future comparisons. The types of transformers that undergo the test include two-winding, three-winding, auto and instrument.

Dissipation-Factor Testing

Also known as tangent delta testing, this process measures the amount of dielectric loss based on three factors:

  • The absolute dissipation factor at a prescribed voltage — typically the rated phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground
  • The dissipation factor change when stepping up the voltage in prescribed increments
  • The dissipation factor change when increasing the voltage from the prescribed minimum to maximum

Turns-Ratio Testing

This procedure determines the number of turns in one transformer winding compared to the number of other windings during the same phase. The results indicate whether the transformer has any faulty connections or shorted turns. The process can also verify nameplate information during acceptance testing.

Excitation-Current Testing

This single-phase test consists of a series of three measurements, enabling comparison and analysis of the exciting current during each phase. Testing can detect these transformer failure modes:

  • Compromised insulation
  • Core defects
  • Top-changer component faults
  • Poor connections, severe discontinuities and open circuits

The excitation-current testing method relies on phase and tap-changer pattern recognition instead of applying industry limits.

Surge Arresters Testing

Surge arresters protect the transformer against over-voltage transients. Testing assesses the arrester's insulating characteristics by providing insight into the operating voltages. The process can also include a visual inspection to detect cracks and other defects.

Transformer Oil and Insulating Oil Analysis and Testing

Our transformer oil testing services involve an analysis of the concentration of gases contained in the insulating oils and monitoring their physical properties. The process confirms the oil's condition and serviceability and facilitates more efficient preventative maintenance scheduling, helping to avoid unexpected power outages.

Why Choose Us for Transformer Testing and Fluid Analysis?

As one of the leading transfer service companies in the Southeast and beyond, Power Products & Solutions can optimize your electrical system equipment's performance, keep it in peak operating condition and maximize its life span. Our well-trained, NETA-certified technicians use certified, calibrated, company-owned and -maintained equipment to ensure accurate, reliable testing results. We're also available around the clock to handle electrical equipment repair emergencies to minimize unproductive downtime.

Over more than three decades in business, we've earned a stellar reputation for delivering exceptional service. Safety is always the top priority at Power Products & Solutions. You can choose us for your transformer testing and fluid analysis needs with total confidence and peace of mind. 

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