Batteries power mission-critical machinery and equipment, making them vital to your operation as a whole. At Power Products & Solutions, we provide an array of battery testing services to keep your batteries in excellent shape throughout their life spans.

The Importance of Battery Maintenance and Testing

Batteries help to maintain electrical levels in machinery and equipment. When they don't function properly, they lose efficiency and can prevent your equipment from running altogether. This can pose a problem when you have an electrical operation as you rely on consistent power to get your tasks done.

Maintenance and testing allow you to understand your battery's energy levels and find ways to improve them. You can prevent unexpected failures and extend the life of your battery with regular testing. You can even increase the amount of time between battery replacements.

Types of Battery Testing Services Available

Power Products & Solutions offers a series of battery testing methods:

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Load Bank Testing

Your UPS has factory specifications for optimal performance. Load bank testing evaluates your UPS and generator under certain load conditions to ensure it meets these specifications. These tests can reveal your battery status and whether it's at the end of its life. We can then make replacements before you experience a critical failure.

Low Resistance Testing

Resistance determines the rate at which electrical energy converts to heat in a given current. When electrical equipment has too much resistance, it can't draw as much current for efficiency and wastes energy as heat. Testing low resistance allows us to find degradation, or a loss of energy, within your electrical device and improve efficiency where needed.

Charger Float and Equalizing Voltage Testing

A battery slowly discharges over time, even when it's not in use. The float voltage is the energy level it must maintain to remain charged over a long period. Every battery includes a series of battery cells that work together to create energy, but they all have different capacities. Equalizing elevates the charge above the float voltage allowing all cells — even the weakest — to accept more power.

Battery String Testing

Battery strings connect a series of banks to give you the proper voltage for electrical use. We test the systems based on various industry specifications to ensure your setup is running as it should.

Visual and Mechanical Inspections

These inspections involve a thorough look at your battery. We make sure it doesn't show physical signs of wear and look at its mechanisms to ensure they're running correctly.

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At Power Products & Solutions, our certified technicians will offer safe and thorough battery maintenance and testing. We're accredited by the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) and own all the equipment we need for proper battery testing.

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