NETA Acceptance Testing

As a NETA-accredited company (NAC), Power Products & Solutions can test according to some of the industry's most advanced safety and reliability measures. Our NETA acceptance testing services can help your facility optimize new and retrofitted equipment.

What Is NETA ATS Testing?

NETA ATS (Acceptance Testing Specifications) aims to ensure that new or retrofitted electrical equipment and systems function, perform within industry and manufacturer standards, and have a proper installation. 2017 NETA ATS testing specifies tests that evaluate equipment and systems for their suitability for initial start-up.

Our technicians provide NETA acceptance testing as part of the construction industry's total building commissioning process. By verifying your system's and equipment's integrity for use, our team can help you promote safe electrical operation.

The Importance of Receiving NETA Testing From a Certified Professional

The NETA ATS includes a comprehensive list of tests to perform on new or retrofitted electrical equipment and systems — completing these tests requires expert interpretation. A technician who oversees NETA testing must understand the extent of testing necessary to get the most useful results. Depending on the scope of the equipment or system, the technician may need to perform the optional tests in the manual or decrease the number of standard tests

Our NETA testing professionals have experience with acceptance testing for a wide range of systems. As a result, they can make the appropriate judgments for performing extensive testing without redundancy.

Advantages of NETA Testing for New or Retrofitted Equipment

By integrating NETA acceptance testing into your commissioning process, you will provide these benefits to your building:

  • Quality assurance: Performing NETA acceptance testing ensures the quality of work for an installation for safe operation during building use.
  • Confirmed function: Confirming the performance and function of equipment with NETA testing allows for a smooth handover to clients.
  • Issue resolution: By performing NETA acceptance testing during commissioning, you can address any issues that arise before opening your building.
  • Baseline performance data: Future inspections will be able to utilize NETA acceptance testing results as a baseline for comparison.

Benefits of Working With a NETA-Certified Testing Company

When you partner with a NAC like Power Products & Solutions, you experience the benefits of:

  • High safety standards for personnel: Our technicians follow the highest safety standards in the industry, including those from OSHA, IEEE, ASTM and The National Safety Council.
  • Compliance with industry-leading standards: To receive NETA accreditation, NACs must go through a rigorous application that verifies their compliance with top safety and reliability standards.
  • Uniquely qualified technicians: NETA certified technicians have the work experience, training and education to stay current with industry standards and new technologies.

Resolving Any Issues Discovered During Testing

If an issue arises in your acceptance testing results, our technicians can also perform the repairs and parts replacements to resolve it. We offer a variety of solutions that can help you restore your system to compliant condition.

Request Testing and Service From a NETA-Certified Testing Company

At Power Products & Solutions, we send our technicians across the United States to facilities in need of testing and maintenance support. Schedule NETA acceptance testing by submitting an online request.

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