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Testing your cable systems is crucial because it allows you to identify potential issues before they develop into significant problems that interrupt your productivity. Malfunctioning cable systems increase maintenance costs. If errors go undetected for too long, the power system might fail.

Power is vital to your operation, and proper electrical cable testing services prevent delays resulting from system errors or malfunctions. Catching issues early saves you money and time, allowing you to continue your business uninterrupted. Cable testing companies like Power Products & Solutions send technicians to your workplace to conduct screenings for you.

Testing Services Offered

Power Products & Solutions offers the following cable testing services:

DC Insulation Resistance Test

Cable insulation ensures proper safety and usage. Insulation is made of non-conductive material that resists electric currents to protect people who come into contact with the cable. Performing a DC insulation resistance test measures the amount of resistance the cable has between two points. By initializing this test, technicians can discover weaknesses in the cable insulation. Then, they can fix these problems before they develop into more significant obstacles.

Very Low Frequency (VLF) Cable Testing

In a very low frequency test, technicians apply a high voltage amount — one outside of normal operating levels — to the cable. When they apply this voltage, they look for weak spots in the cable insulation. Identifying deficiencies early helps prevent extended outages or failures down the line.

Power and Dissipation Factor Tan Delta Cable Test

Tan delta tests also measure the deterioration of the cable insulation. A VLF testing instrument applies a voltage to the cable. The tan delta machine then makes a record of what occurred during the test. This test looks specifically at the cable's insulating oil, which helps determine its quality. The results present a way to gauge the cable's life expectancy. From this test, technicians will know what maintenance to perform to prevent failure and prolong the cable's life span.

Partial Discharge Cable Testing

A partial discharge is small sparks that occur in the cable insulation. These sparks indicate that the insulation is failing and needs maintenance. Partial discharge testing can be completed with a machine using online or offline measures. Use partial discharge testing to determine the extent to which the cable insulation has deteriorated.

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