Circuit Breaker Repair & Testing

Our team has the expertise and training to test circuit breakers of any OEM, edition or configuration. Our PEARL certified circuit breaker testing solutions help businesses like yours enhance performance and extend circuit breaker life.

Comprehensive Medium- and Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker Testing

We perform complete circuit breaker testing according to NETA specifications. These standards measure electrical equipment safety and efficiency to determine its suitability for use in a facility. They can also provide insight that will help us advise you on getting better performance out of your power system. The steps involved in NETA circuit breaker testing include:

  • Visual and mechanical inspection: Every circuit breaker inspection starts with a basic visual and mechanical evaluation. Once they check its condition by sight, our technicians will clean the unit and test its operation.
  • Electrical tests: After the visual and mechanical inspection, our technicians perform electrical testing per NETA standards. This procedure can vary depending on the type of circuit board tested, but it generally involves resistance testing, injection testing and functionality testing for auxiliary features.
  • Value comparison: A circuit breaker's target test values depend on past performance and manufacturer recommendations. For example, while insulation resistance should align with manufacturer data, a proper bolted connection resistance value depends on the values of similar connections.

Primary and Secondary Circuit Breaker Injection Testing

During circuit breaker testing, we can perform primary and secondary injection testing as electrical test procedures. A full NETA test can include both primary and secondary injection testing, but the technician may also perform only primary injection testing. The goals of each type of injection test include:

  • Primary injection testing: Evaluating the CT, CT wiring and trip unit for proper function in overload and fault current conditions.
  • Secondary injection testing: Testing the trip unit without having to use the primary current.

Acceptance and Maintenance Testing

Proper circuit breaker installation promotes optimal performance and safety, and acceptance testing verifies the state of a circuit breaker's installation. Acceptance and maintenance testing has three goals:

  • Maintaining correct installation and operation in alignment with manufacturer specifications and project requirements
  • Promoting correct and optimal circuit breaker operation
  • Minimizing the risk of issues arising during the circuit breaker's initial start-up

Power Product Solutions Circuit Breaker Testing Services

If your circuit breaker has testing results that indicate a need for repairs, our technicians can perform them on-site. We offer retrofitting services with AC-PRO solid-state trip devices that reduce the risk of nuisance trips. Our team will discuss your available options with you to find a repair or retrofitting solution that suits your budget and schedule.

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At Power Products & Solutions, we send our Charlotte and Greenville technicians across the United States to At Power Products & Solutions, we can deploy our technicians to any facility in the United States for circuit breaker repairs. Schedule service today by submitting an online request or calling our emergency line at 704-776-0101.

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