Power Products & Solutions is a third-party, independent, NETA certified testing company that specializes in protective relay testing.

Our protective relay testing expertise includes:

Safety is paramount in the operation of any electrical system. Protective relays play the critical role of safeguarding your equipment and providing operators with essential diagnostic information. The relays work by detecting equipment and system faults and tripping circuit breakers to prevent damage resulting from electrical energy surges. 

Power Products & Solutions is a third-party, independent, NETA certified testing company that specializes in protective relay testing. Trust our team with more than 30 years of experience in helping companies across the Southeast and beyond ensure their electrical systems are functioning correctly and safely.

Comprehensive Testing and Maintenance of Protective Relays

A protective relay can have a life span of 30 years or more. Power Products & Solutions has the experience and expertise to provide reliable, efficient testing throughout the entire life cycle.

We don't just perform testing when a fault occurs. Our proactive approach includes these types of testing designed to detect and prevent potential issues before they start:

  • Bench testing: This protective relay testing service entails investigating the relay during the electrical system's construction phase to ensure its compatibility with the design. The process can prevent costly, time-consuming repair issues down the road.
  • Commissioning testing: This testing process ensures the protective relay will perform as expected when the electrical system goes live. For example, it will verify that the relay will react correctly to interlocks and other conditions when attached to the switchgear.
  • Maintenance testing: Periodic testing and maintenance are essential for determining whether the protective relay will continue to deliver satisfactory performance. While a relay equipped with self-testing features will detect most faults, it doesn't cover all the components in the protection scheme. Regular maintenance testing is also necessary to comply with NETA and other regulatory requirements.

What Does Our Protective Relay Service Include?

At Power Products & Solutions, our protective relay testing expertise includes:

  • Visual and mechanical inspection
  • Verification, adjustment, and installation of protective settings
  • Additional electrical testing
  • Protection element testing
  • System functional tests

Our testing solutions are highly flexible and adaptable to your electrical system's unique operating environment. We utilize advanced technology to optimize the process and maximize efficiency.

The Benefits of Our Protective Relay Testing and Commissioning Process

  • Enhanced safety: You'll gain peace of mind knowing that you're reducing the risk of hazards in your electrical systems.
  • Lower costs: Your company will avoid costly repairs that can take a bite out of your operating budget.
  • Fewer interruptions: Even a momentary power loss can have devasting consequences. Our protective relay service decreases the likelihood of outages caused by faulty equipment.
  • Higher efficiency: Testing and maintenance of protective relays can keep your electrical system in peak operating condition, enabling it to function more efficiently.

Why Make Us Your Protective Relay Testing Partner?

As a NETA-accredited company, Power Products & Solutions adheres to the industry's highest standards. Our fully certified technicians perform testing with highly calibrated equipment owned and maintained by us, ensuring its accuracy and reliability. We're also available 24/7/365 to deliver after-hours service and handle electrical emergencies when needed.

We strive to complete all testing projects within your time frame to minimize disruptions to your business operations. And with our focus on safety, you can feel confident in the quality of our work.

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